Sunday, November 9, 2014

Python, The Right Language for (non)-Programmer Networkers, Where to Start ?

Network management is changing, nowadays in every network event, the hot topics  are SDN,  Virtualization of network services, Open platforms, efforts on seperating hardware from software etc. Whatever the widespread method will be, there will be more innovation in network management and there will be need for networkers with some programming skills. Thus so many networkers have some motivation to learn some programming language, as i am. 

I think that the right language to start with, for non-programmer networkers, is Python It is efficient, fast & easy and now is the most popular introductory language at American colleges, a recent Association for Computing Machinery study reports. 

I have searched through the internet for right sources, and tried some of them, as a result, here are the sources i think that a non-programmer networker should follow to learn Python:

  • Learn Python the Hard Way is an excellent beginner programmer’s guide to Python. It covers “hello world” from the console to the web.

Once you start and getting through stages of the book, may be you will also do not like how “learn python the hard way” explains class-object logic. If you are then you should also visit Jeff Knupp’s pages: 

On my following blogs, i will keep posting about python hints (like which telnet or python library you may use for automation…) that networkers might benefit. 


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